LX Series of York Furnace

york furnace 20When it comes in choosing furnace for your home, you need to consider several aspects. Two of those aspects related to efficiency rate and durability. Efficiency rate of a particular product will show how its capability on conserving the fuel. Efficient furnace will be able to use fuel minimally in order to generate heat effectively. Meanwhile, durability aspect is also important to determine how long the fuel will last. The good furnace performance will be mundane if it is not able to last longer. Moreover, the material used for the furnace will affect the durability of product. Durable material will give last longer performance. On the other hand, if you purchase furnace with low durability, you will end up spending your money for reparation.

Furnaces manufactured by York are considered as product with highest efficiency rate. This company manufactures several furnace series. LX series is one of the best York furnace products with high efficiency rate. Besides qualified from Energy StarĀ® efficiency, this particular series also has 96% of AFUE efficiency. The series consists of 12 different models that you can choose according to your need. Each model has its own specification. However, the efficiency rate of those models remains the same.

As mentioned in the previous specification, this product is also famous due to its durability. The manufacturer utilizes industrial grade of metal material as the chasing of furnace. Therefore, it is able to serve your family for longer time. The primary heat exchanger uses tubular aluminized steel. Meanwhile, the hot surface ignition of the furnace system uses silicon nitride. This reliable ignition system will give the best performance. You can place the furnace in narrow spot since it is using compact design. The entire model is small with the height of 33 inch. It allows you to place it inside a cabinet.

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